Project Management for all your Ship-Building, Repairs, Modification, Conversion or normal vessel Maintenance/class docking.

Maritime Technical Superintendency is a no-nonsense service provider for the Maritime Business specialized in Ship-Repair, Modification and Conversion.

  • We can be based world-wide in order to prepare, follow-up and finalize your project.
  • We have extensive experience in managing projects for large ship-owning companies world-wide.
  • The full Project Management assignment includes but is not limited to. Feasibility study, Class & Flag-state requirement identification, engineering control, contract negotiations, Budget preparations, specification writing/review, planning & Cost control, onsite inspection & supervision, technical and financial reporting. We can be involved in a project from idea until completion or any part of the whole pending on your needs.
  • We can offcourse also do only the onsite project management, we will protect your assets as if they were our own.
  • Pending the project, we have availability of specialized supervisors for quality control
  • Daily reporting will be done on technical and financial issues
  • Every project will be closed with final reporting on technical and financial issues